About brand

The title TRIODERM includes 2 parts – TRIO AND DERM.

TRIO refers to 3 features of the product: health – beauty – protection

DERM refers to skin care.

The TRIODERM products:

-          are suitable for children with sensitive skin

-          are enriched with skin nourishing and protective vitamins 

-          minimizes the risk of irritation and appearance of sun allergy

-          do not contain colouring

TRIODERM is a title for a new product line of sunscreen lotions which are manufactured by a Czech company AVEFLOR, a.s.. The company was established in 1995 and is exclusively Czech with no foreign capital. Since its foundation the company has specialized in production of liquid and powdery aerosols. In 2007 the production was extended by emulsions and gels filled into plastic containers and into forms of BOV aerosols.   

Among well known and established brands not only on the Czech market can be included:

-          Veterinary products ARPALIT

-          Medical products AKUTOL

-          Aveflor cosmetics

-          and naturally our new product TRIODERM

Our company offers complete service starting from a development of new products, products approvals, purchase of materials and packaging leading to our own production and transport to the customer. The production of Aveflor is fully certified according to several standards. The production of Aveflor is performed in so called “clean environment”.

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