The following packaging sizes are available:

  • 50 ml
  • 250 ml with a pump

Apply a sufficient amount of gel to the palms of the hands, spread over the entire surface of the hands, including the areas between the fingers, and let it dry freely. Don’t rinse.

No, it doesn’t contain perfume. Trioderm CARE hand cleansing gel contains natural Litsea cubeba essential oil, which gives the gel a pleasant scent.

No-rinse cleaning gel for hands with a high alcohol content with glycerin and natural essential Litsea Cubeba essential oil.

No-rinse hand cleansing gel with a high alcohol content to ensure sufficient cleanliness of hands in case of unavailability of water and soap. Contains glycerin, which moisturises and softens the skin and has a pleasant scent of natural Litsea Cubeba essential oil.

The gel does not leave a sticky feeling on the hands, nor a greasy film and does not dry out the skin.

Do not use the gel if you are hypersensitive to any of the ingredients in the product. Avoid contact with eyes: Do not use on injured skin or in case of skin diseases.

Hand cleansing gel is suitable for the whole family, including children from 3 years old.

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