The Panthenol Spray product does not contain perfume. The product is therefore also suitable for sensitive skin and for children from 1 year of age. Trioderm Panthenol does not tend to irritate the skin prone to allergic reactions to the sun. Trioderm Panthenol has a pleasant, subtle scent of natural extracts of marigold and sea buckthorn.

Simple, fast and contactless application. Thanks to the spray application, the product is easy to apply and spreads easily even on sensitive and painful areas. When applied, it creates a cooling film to form a rich foam that softens and softens the skin without leaving a greasy film. Thanks to its fragrance-free formula, the product is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Shake well before application. Apply to the affected area from a distance of 15-20 cm. Gently rub the foam into the treated surface in circular motions and let it absorb into the skin, do not rinse. Repeat the application several times a day as needed. For an extra cooling effect, keep the product in a refrigerator or other low ambient temperature environment.

No, the product is not intended for treatment of severe burns, serious injuries and open wounds. Trioderm Panthenol Spray is suitable for the treatment of reddened skin after excessive sun exposure.

For the treatment of minor superficial domestic burns of the first degree and superficial burns of the second degree, it is advisable to use Akutol Burn Spray or Akutol Hydrogel.

Yes, gently rub the created foam into the treated surface in circular motions and let it absorb into the skin. Do not rinse the product afterwards. Repeat the application of Panthenol spray after each bath.

You can apply the product to your skin according to your needs without any restrictions. Always apply the product to the skin after bathing or sun exposure.

The product contains: 4.5% D-Panthenol, 2% Urea + Vegetable Oils, Vitamin E

  • Marigold extract and olive oil regenerate sun damaged skin
  • Seabuckthorn extract and vitamin E reduce the influence of free radicals
  • HYDROVANCE® (Hydroxyethyl Urea) gently moisturizes dry skin

D-panthenol is traditionally used and has the following effects: it helps/promotes wound healing and anti-inflammatory processes of the skin.

Vitamin E – moisturises the skin, it is traditionally used for its effects: it supports anti-inflammatory processes of the skin, it is a powerful antioxidant

Olive oil – provides intensive skin care, protects it from free radicals, keeps it youthful, increases its elasticity and strengthens the tissue, which is then more resistant to skin damage.

Sea Buckthorn and Calendula Extract – helps cell renewal, has anti-wrinkle effect, strengthens tissue and soothes the skin..

Marigold is traditionally used for its effects: soothing, healing, regenerative and anti-aging effects on the skin, reduces swelling, helps restore skin tissue and collagen production, protects against free radicals and subsequent skin damage.

Trioderm Panthenol can be used for children from 1 year of age.

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